The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is cognizant about the need to have a far more efficient and effective means for its people to acquire learning about European Computer Driving License or ECDL other than giving it on an actual training using the traditional manual based education. 

The Online Learning Portal of the NHS for ECDL shall encompass training kits and materials just like the usual however, these are downloadable online.  More to this, the online portal will have a mechanism to determine the development pattern of the user based on the online assessment and exams that are included on the portal itself.  In addition, the NHS ECDL Learning Portal shall include also the proper venue and tools for a fused online learning and practice with that of classroom setting training. 

The main thrust of the portal learning is to allow its users to study and learn all about the ECDL in their most convenient time and learn it based on how fast or slow they clearly understand the topics.  Apart from the fact that it was designed to help clinical and medical practitioners, the learning portal was developed to cater the different levels of learning that people possess. This concept has been perceived by the developers of the portal learning because they are all aware of the various learning needs of every individual. 

To this date, the online portal learning centers for ECDL NHS in the United Kingdom has reached a few thousands.  They have been widely accepted by the UK people because of its ease in use; its portability; and the comfort of having at the tip of your hand – at anytime and at anywhere!

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