To assess yourself on how prepared you are for the European Computer Driving License or ECDL certification, taking a practice quiz will definitely go a long way. Take note that in order for you to get hold of an ECDL certificate, it is a must for you to pass all of the tests for each of the 7 modules of ECDL. Just like after taking a quiz, here is a brief recap of the 7 modules of ECDL and take time to review each one of them.

(a)   Module 1: Concepts of Information Technology

–         requires a candidate to have an understanding of the main IT concepts at a general level including hardware and software functionalities.

(b)   Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files

–         requires a candidate to demonstrate competence in using the common functions of the computer and its operating system.

(c)   Module 3: Word Processing

–         requires a candidate to display competence with the use of a word processing application on a computer such as MS Word.

(d)   Module 4: Spreadsheets

–         requires a candidate to understand the concept of spreadsheets and demonstrate the ability to use a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel.

(e)   Module 5: Database

–         requires a candidate to be aware of the functions of databases and how to use it on a computer.

(f)    Module 6: Presentation

–         requires a candidate to show competence in making use of a presentation tool such as MS PowerPoint.

(g)   Module 7: Information and Communication

–         requires a candidate to understand some basic concepts and terms related with using the internet and electronic mail (e-mail).

To be adept with each of the ECDP modules, it is best to take extra preparation and have better chances of successfully passing the certification.

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