Torrent technologies are download accelerators which help Internet users save large documents and files on faster bit rates.  This technology is widely used on audio and video downloads but it can also be utilized for downloading voluminous documents from the Internet.

ECDL candidates or trainees will definitely need torrent technology because they will have to download large files and zip folders that contain important ECDL study materials.  ECDL torrent downloads therefore is a valuable tool to make life easier for those currently training for the ECDL certification.

Some files and resources of the ECDL are very bulky.  On zip conditions, some resources even reach the 15 megabytes file sizes.  These are very heavy downloads which could tax the patience of ECDL candidates.  To make faster downloads, they should look for training centers that can provide torrent downloads of study materials.

ECDL torrent download accelerators are also useful for multi media files and presentations of tutorials and specialized instructions and lectures.  These media files are naturally much bigger than documents and it would be convenient to be able to download them faster. 

There are many ECDL resources sites that can be found using torrent accelerators for their download facilities.  Users need only to search for them by typing ECDL and Torrent in the search fields of search engines.  A wide array of websites will be presented to users so the next step would just involve choosing the right provider.  The technology will really make the study and research for ECDL easier and convenient.

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