Stellent as a company has had its own share of fame and glory prior to the time that it was acquired by another giant in software solutions – the Oracle. Stellent Company is a provider of content management systems that was based in one the great cities of Minnesota, the Eden Prairie. It used and still is one of the most respected companies that is engaged in software development that focused on providing companies with content management services. One of the legacies that Stellent left the computing industry is its major Content Management product known as the Universal Content Management which is a very popular package of content management because of the pre-packaged software applications that can be used by businesses. This pre-packaged application comes with the Stellent Content Management System. The Stellent Company is truly one of the frontrunners in the Enterprise Content Management until it was acquired by Oracle in November 2006. Now, the Stellent’s content management system is being sold branded under the name of the Oracle Company – the Oracle Universal Content Management System. Stellent’s Enterprise Content Management solutions basically encompass every facet and domain of content management ranging from documents and database management, which includes records and file management; the web content management, capturing basically how to enforce better and relevant web content; Digital Asset Management; the Imaging and Business Process Management; and lastly, the Information Rights Management. The Stellent Company may have been acquired by the Oracle Company, but the trademark that it has left the whole computing industry lingers on every Oracle Enterprise Content Management product that is being released.

It is with utmost necessity that all documents that pertain to the company or the business be safeguarded and properly managed and controlled.  These documents contain pieces of information that are playing high importance in the daily activities of the company.  More so, these documents that contain relevant information can actually bring fortune and wealth to the whole company.  

Companies are spending huge amount of money in order to build a mechanism that will help support their system in managing and controlling their database records and files (important document that is!).  One of the most trusted document management protocols by many organizations is the use of the Enterprise Content Management.  The Enterprise Content Management has all the sets of technologies that help any company facilitate a better way of safekeeping, collaborating, delivering, and capturing all the necessary data that the company requires.  

With the Enterprise Content Management there is an assured and better mechanism to ensure that every document that goes in and out of the company is properly accounted for and documented for referencing.  It is such an essential thing to have an effective mechanism of properly handling company documents because these documents are what bring money and wealth to the company.  As they say in information technology and business “information is power and money”.  Therefore, it is very important that every document that the company has should be regarded with the highest level of security. Managing documents should not be taken for granted nor should it be taken with less care.  

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