Enterprise content management or ECM seems to be getting more notice that vendors are really gearing many of their business solutions to such demand.  This is quite expected since information is something that businesses regard as crucial to the success of their company. When companies are efficient in leveraging on information available to them, they have better chances of gaining more share of the market. After all, information is always needed in formulating goals and strategies. Information is also needed so companies can serve their clients better.

ECM refers to all technologies used in capturing, storing, preserving, delivering and even destroying content. ECM can also be regarded as the strategy taken on by companies in order to better manage and to better deliver and use the information that is available to them. Information systems would have such features embedded in them that many users are even unaware that their companies are implementing such activities.

With all the importance put on ECM, many ECM blogs have been written. An ECM blog would typically contain information about ECM from general information to specific solutions offered by the different ECM vendors. An ECM blog could also contain reviews on every ECM solution or ECM product in the market. It could even have a discussion about each of them when readers comment on the review. New ECM products and new ECM features are also announced there.

Some vendors also provide an ECM blog so they can announce their products and answer questions of clients. This way they are also able to get feedback from them. It, in effect, provides them a way to better answer the needs of existing clients and to cater to potential clients in the future.

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