There are number of ECM consulting services that help organizations in the management of their unstructured content throughout their business processes.   These ECM consulting services works as a team with organizations in aligning technologies with their business objectives.  They help organizations find solutions in reducing costs, increase process efficiencies and at the same time meeting and exceeding compliance requirements.

ECM consultants seeks to translate business objectives into clear solution vision, which helps organization develop a balancing short term road map needs and long term benefits, delivered by sound business case. Some of the services offered by ECM consulting companies are:

1. Archiving Services – where consultants design a content management framework for specific archiving requirements.  These requirements may include e-mail, instant messages, reports, images, SAP application data, or SharePoint files.   The services bring together distributed archive repositories and business processes under a single, central source of content which is managed for the entire lifecycle of the information assets that support your business.
2. Compliance Services – where consultants apply at every point of the information lifecycle, regulatory policies and compliance practices using the right content management strategy.
3. Deployment Services – where consultants try to define, deploy and support content management across organization’s so as to improve business scalability and easier user adoption.
4. Messaging Services –where consultants try to leverage a single content management platform to bind the proliferation and retention of messaging content, ensuring consistent application of retention policies across the organization.

Eliminate the traditional archive procedures and increase your content reuse capabilities, let ECM consulting services help you achieved your business objectives and reap that return of investments.

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