The Drupal framework for content management is not only ideal for standard personal or business websites.  It can also be utilize to create a highly productive ecommerce site.  Drupal CMS is becoming very popular for online business owners because of its shopping cart facilities.  The Drupal shopping cart module can be embedded easily into the ecommerce site to provide users with a tool for their online shopping.

The Drupal shopping cart feature is part of the entire ecommerce package offered by the Drupal framework.  It is also a free module and an open source application.  This means that online business owners can fully customize their Drupal shopping sites on the web to fit on their target market.  

The ecommerce module can easily be downloaded from the Drupal ecommerce solution community sites.  It can be installed even by non-technical users.  Ecommerce site building and management are also easy because they follow the general management structure of standard Drupal websites.  

The Drupal shopping cart can be edited to reflect the theme of the site and to correspond to any product available on it.  The shopping cart module has a payment scheme plug-in which can be activated on the administrator panel.  The payment plug-in links the Drupal shopping cart module to selected online payments processing sites.  Aside from these functionalities, the Drupal ecommerce CMS also features inventory management control and other management tasks needed for running an online business.  That is why Drupal CMS especially its ecommerce shopping module is slowly becoming an instant hit among small business owners.

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