Evaluate the impact of new technologies, systems innovations, and policies to generate ideas and recommend ways to enhance the effectiveness of operations research tools, techniques and scenarios used in current and future projects.

  • Confirm your project has a solid grasp of statistical applications and methods (experimentation, probabilities).
  • Develop methods for incorporating additional spatial data to benchmark and improve disturbance risk data products.
  • Analyze, interpret, synthesize, and communicate findings effectively given short cycle times.
  • Assure your planning identifies opportunities and takes action to facilitate and improve data preparation and analysis.
  • Develop dashboards, reports, and data visualizations that communicate insights from the data and inspire action.
  • Devise new approaches to represent results that provide support for decision analysis.
  • Adapt to priorities that can continually shifting priorities, based on business need.
  • Provide your organization and teams with usable measurement strategies and methodologies to meet product and organization business decision needs.
  • Be accountable for utilizing computer and statistical software applications to analyze data, develop reports, and present economic, financial or statistical information.
  • Support the development and application of economic models and the interpretation of results.
  • Apply statistical and programming knowledge to develop and maintain predictive models.
  • Ensure you liaise; ascend analytics is an innovative software service organization focused on energy analytics.
  • Warrant that your venture prepares and monitors annual operating and capital budgets in coordination with Department Directors.
  • Take the lead on improving and extending baseline disturbance risk data products to inform high resolution, spatially explicit estimates of available carbon for marketplace transactions.
  • Be certain that your organization complies;
  • Ensure you consult; recommend/suggest solutions to new and complex problems and help develop innovative strategies.
  • Deliver results packaged in client ready format in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Solidify expertise with time series analysis and/or repeated cross sectional analysis.


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