Through open collaboration and agile, enterprise grade open source solutions, customers, partners and communities are empowered to simplify tasks, modernize environments and accelerate business innovation ultimately reaping the benefits of measurable value and better futures.

More Uses of the Edge Computing Toolkit:

  • Analyze large sets of collected server telemetry data, create machine learning models to predict expected performance.
  • Develop a comprehensive lead generation plan across multiple channels to drive sales and revenue growth for your organization.
  • Steer: work closely with firmware and software engineers to add features to an application that meets design requirements.
  • Systematize: partner in the vision and own the execution of a transformative roadmap of platform/capability delivery and innovation.
  • Audit: partner with process control and engineering capabilities to deliver communication network that are optimized for reliable automation.
  • Secure that your organization provides guidance for creating forecasts and budgets to operations management by collecting analyzing and summarizing account information and trends.
  • Supervise: instrument high performance object storage cluster software to collect vital performance data for detailed analysis.
  • Communicate with great technical knowledge the services provided, how to utilize services, why end users should, etc.
  • Engage with the ecosystem members to build broad consensus across the ecosystem and influence and drive direction.
  • Get partner software licenses for your performance testing labs, and make sure you have the latest software to benchmark or replicate bugs.
  • Pilot: by creating ground breaking technologies that transform your world, you need the most innovative and diverse digital minds to develop tomorrows reality.
  • Have you held responsibility for the technical engineering or operations of mission critical production environments.
  • Lead continued improvement of the operation process, provide guidance to developers to revise system for better efficiency.
  • Manage work on the core source code of organizations products and identify, reproduce, and fix issues that are affecting your developers.
  • Provide competence center business needs/requirements to ensure optimization of delivery and accurate forecasting of resources and competence.
  • Devise: built on top of one of the worlds largest networks, your platform easily handles users appetite for instant, secure, and always on media, anytime, anywhere.
  • Direct: through open collaboration and agile, enterprise grade open source solutions, customers, partners and communities are empowered to simplify tasks, modernize environments and accelerate business innovation.
  • Ensure your goal is to managing, developing, and expanding your customer portfolio in the Edge Computing and embedded/IoT solutions.
  • Manage work with team leaders across your organization to strategize your roadmap with an emphasis on ensuring products, features, and partnerships.
  • Confirm your organization as you have matured as an engineering organization and seen the demands for technology grow exponentially, gearing up to deliver on the next set of opportunities for the business.
  • Create and manage reports and dashboards, provide daily updates on project success criteria results, and deployment management activities.
  • Analyze and design product or technical product enhancements, integrating the work and viewpoints of internal partners for all or part of a new or potential product.
  • Ensure your organizations have reached a tipping point in data access where the effort involved in making data accessible is far exceeding the value that can be created with data.
  • Direct: function as a technical point of contact and relationship owner for a defined set of customers, labs, and surrounding ecosystem.
  • Develop sales target forecasts, monitor weekly forecasts, and develop recovery plans to ensure budget achievement.


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