The overall conclusions of a meta-analysis, depend heavily on the quality of the meta-analytic process, and an appropriate evaluation of the quality of meta-analysis (meta-evaluation) can be challenging, when new data are collected for the database, the records are checked against the current database for revisions, updates and duplicates, conversely, maintaining, updating, monitoring, and revising an information security program in an effort to ensure that it remains reasonable and appropriate in light of changes in security threats, changes in technology, and security vulnerabilities that arise from legacy systems is time-consuming and complex, and is an ongoing effort.

One of the biggest barriers to preservation research has been the lack of data sets that can be used for geospatial, evidence-based, and longitudinal analyzes, it is argued that data should be defined as information on properties of units of analysis, in the first place, meta-analysis is a statistical procedure for analyzing the combined data from different studies, and can be a major source of concise up-to-date information.

In a project environment or one-off buy, sourcing professionals must be creative about negotiating prices and ensuring supplier performance, without the leverage that repeat buys afford.