At The Art of Service we offer our ITIL® Education in many forms, yes
there is the Certified Foundation Course, the Certified Practitioners
Course and the Certified Managers Course.  These 3 course headings
make up our “ITIL® Education Program”, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Through our teams’ experiences, we at The Art of Service have
recognized there to be a gap in the Certified ITIL® Courses that are
recognized from EXIN and OGC.  There was a void that needed to be
filled in not just one area but in two. 
We had clients requiring the education of staff that not necessarily
was dealing directly with the ITIL® processes but needed to know what
was going on in the office and what this “ITIL® fuss” was all about.

Our Team members also noticed that there was a greater demand for a
course designed for the upper Management, the CEO and CIO of the
companies.  The course needed to be brief and sell the virtues and
benefits of investing in ITIL® and what was expected in returns from the

In response to hearing our customer needs we created 2 new ITIL® courses, Awareness and Executive Awareness.

ITIL® Awareness Course
is a short one day course that provides the
participant with an overview of just what ITIL® is. The course provides
an excellent conceptual overview of the ITIL® Framework and what makes
it such a commonsense methodology.

The one-day course looks at the following topics:

  • Structure of the library
  •  ITIL® and IT Service Management key concepts and   objectives
  •  Certification program overview
  •  Overview of relationships between the ITIL® processes

Quick descriptions of the goals, objectives, activities, relationships
in the Service Support, Service Delivery processes and the Service Desk

ITIL® Executive Awareness course
is one designed for the upper
management.  If you are looking at acquiring funding for the
education and implementation of ITIL® this is the one you get the CEO
and CIO as well as the upper management team to sit in on.
 This 4 hour course is hard hitting and covers:

  •  Structure of the IT Infrastructure Library
  •  Key concepts of ITIL®
  •  How their investment will be spent
  •  The Benefits and what to expect once ITIL® has been implemented.

ITIL® Foundations – 3 days

A detailed, modular introduction to the concepts, terms, definitions,
objectives, benefits and relationships within core IT service
management processes and functions, according to the ITIL® (Information
Technology Infrastructure Library) best practice framework.
The course is based on principles described in the ITIL® Service Support
and Service This course prepares participants for the examination
leading to the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

ITIL® Practitioner – 2 to 5 days

The ITIL® Practitioner workshops are for those people who belong to a
process team or could be considered a process owner. Participants will
have passed the IT Service Management Foundations exam.

The two-day course is another action learning event, with lots of exercises and review of case studies.

The course prepares participants to sit for the Practitioner
Certificate exam in the process area (a 2 hour, case study focussed,
open book, 40 questions, multi-choice exam).

New models for Practitioner programs are now centered on closely
coupled processes. The first such clustered program combines Release,
Change and Configuration Management (the official name is “Release and
Control). The clustered courses are 5 days in duration.

The Art of Service is accredited to deliver the 2-day ITIL® Practitioner courses for the following processes:

  • Service Desk / Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management

IT Service Managers Certificate – 12 days

This course is a comprehensive program for Managers, looking for the
ultimate in ITIL® certification. The IT Service Managers certificate is
a highly sought after qualification.

Wearers of the Red Badge have been through an intensive education
program, with The Art of Service. The program is based on action
learning. It builds upon theory provided in the ITIL® Foundations
course. A pass at the ITIL® Foundations level is a prerequisite for
anyone looking to enrol in this program.
The ITIL® Service Manager course provides participants with the skills
that are required in today’s Service Manager role, both from an
internal and as a consultancy role.

Along with the theory components, participants are required to
undertake a series of assessable practical exercises designed to bring
the ITIL® concepts into a “real world”  context.

Prior to being accepted on the course an interview is conducted to
ensure that the participant has a sufficient background and experience.
It also allows The Art of Service to set the expectations about what is
expected of participants on an “action learning” program.

This course prepares students to sit for the ITIL® Service Manager’s certificate.

As a departing note on our offerings of Education:

As previously mentioned, The Art of Service is Adaptable.  We have
created specific ITIL® programs to meet several of our clients
needs.  Revision courses, specific courses for particular projects
and so on……Nothing is out of our reach and doing. 

Remember from
our ‘Home Page’, everybody’s needs and requirements are different, so
why shouldn’t our services reflect that? 

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