Podcasts today are not solely confined for the purpose of entertainment. This time, these are also used for the purpose of teaching. This advancement provides a lot of benefits on the part of the users. Through educational podcasts class time can possibly be extended, review activities can be provided, and many more. More often, people are only limited now to seize the advantages brought by these forms of pedagogy by their lack of ability and imagination.

Educational podcasts certainly bring out numbers of helps to its users. The following are some of the assistance these provide:

•    The facility to listen to a lecture for several times: students are capable to stop the lecture or review the previous part whenever they need to. The use of controls also enables the students to move forward if they want to review some particular parts of the lecture only. Chapters can also be added to podcasts so students can easily find the particular lecture they intend to review.
•     Flexibility in class program: since students can listen to the podcast just before the class starts, they will be able to perform other activities during class, which essentially advance them on the lecture.    
•    Enhanced interaction with the professor: students can start taking their notes prior to the class by listening to podcasts; so, they may be able to give more focus to the professor’s lecture during class. More importantly, students will be more ready to participate in class discussions.
•    Aid to students with disabilities: Through the use of audio resources, disabled students will find it easy to study.  

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