First of all, nearly all organizations have to do some kind of selling to survive. Some organizations survive because company A sells widget 1 to company B while company B sells widget 2 to company C. But regardless of who you sell your products and/or services to, one thing is very important  customer retention. Without adequate customer retention strategies, your business will founder and sink in a competitive sea filled with sharks that would only be too glad to see you go out of business.

If you are an entrepreneur who has an online presence, you have to do several things so your website is able to retain the visitors who do arrive regularly and yet attract more and newer batches of visitors to add to your customer base.

First, you need to provide fresh and updated content to your website on a regular basis. This is key to customer retention online, because your visitors want to see something new each time they visit your website. If you are just providing one type of product, like a laptop, then you should keep talking on a regular basis on your website about the benefits of buying your brand of laptop. You could also talk about laptops in general, by providing a detailed buying guide. This could take the form of a newsletter to which your visitors could subscribe to. If you can find a mailing list somewhere, you can email the people on that list and ask them if they would like to receive a free subscription to your newsletter. If you provide this type of service, people who are inclined to be interested in laptops will probably submit themselves to your mailing list.

To make it painless for such customers, you can even offer a trial membership to your newsletter. This means that your potential subscribers get a chance to opt out of the subscription if they feel it is not in their best interests to stay.

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