Podcasting has been used for several purposes.  In fact, this new media has been used by business and non-profit organizations for product promotions or advocacy campaigns.  Educational institutions are also using podcasting to improve their learning systems.  

The effective use of podcasting starts from the production of audio material.  To become a powerful communication tool, podcasters need to apply quality production processes in their podcasts.  This means the audio material should be crisp, clear, and easy to understand so that target audiences will be encouraged to continue listening.  

In order to produce a quality podcast, certain equipments may be needed.  These equipments are necessary tools which could make or break a podcast.  Recorders, mixers, voice capture and editing software are just some of the needed tools to create a quality podcast.  

The use of podcasting may vary depending on the target audience of the podcaster.  For example, podcasts fulfilling corporate communication needs will significantly differ from educational podcast or political podcast.  However, all these podcasts need to follow quality production standards in order to gain popularity on the Internet.

Production processes and content of podcasts are important but the way they are delivered to target audiences also matters.  So another aspect on the effective use of podcasting is the creation of user friendly website that will host the podcast.  The website should be carefully designed in order to attract visitors to listen to the audio material.  It must contain text descriptions of the podcast and must utilize RSS tools for easier access.  

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