Without data, companies will not be able to know who their customers are.  And without an efficient database management technology, it would be impossible to build market intelligence.  That is why every CRM application is primarily anchored on its database tools and utilities.  Customer data is needed to create effective marketing designs.  Data is also needed so that companies can launch an effective customer service campaign.

It is imperative therefore for companies to look for a CRM solution that have excellent database utilities.  They will need this function in order to fully maximize the potential of the software.  Without database capability, the CRM solution would be useless for the company. 

Good CRM database solutions should have excellent market intelligence data gathering function.  It should also be able to organize the gathered data into useful categories so that data retrieval and utilization will be easier.  If the CRM solution of a company has this capability, effective customer contact support can be implemented.  They can also launch targeted marketing campaigns.  All these are possible because the customer relations staff of companies will be able to get a good profile of their market.  These will surely generate more sales lead and possibly increase actual sales. 

Aside from customer and market information, a CRM database can also store employee and sales force information.  This information is primarily utilized to track the sales performance of staff.  Based on this information, rewards and bonuses can be provided in order to further motivate employees to aim for higher achievements. 

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