While some have looked into outsourcing as a threat to a country s economy and individuals fear the loss of their job as a company do outsource, most find global outsourcing as beneficial to the international market.  Global outsourcing assist in the creation of newer international markets, global citizenship, and the recognition of global talent and in a wider scope helps in the economic development of all participating countries.  Not all are aware but global outsourcing is aim to create better jobs in the future.  The following are top ten reasons why companies do outsourcing:

1. Operational costs are reduced and controlled.
2. Enable companies to focus on strategic plan.
3. Allow accessibility to world-class capabilities.
4. Free company from internal resources and focus on other purposes.
5. Allow accessibility to resources that are not available internally.
6. Increased reengineering benefits.
7. Ability to handle difficult functions or out of control tasks.

In a highly global competitive world, companies and service providers should be aware of the growing service markets including the needs of its customers.  Global outsourcing allows companies to choose among service providers as to the best service would suit and would carry the job well.  It is important that business carefully scrutinized the capabilities of these service providers.  The demand for global outsourcing is increasing and there are several providers for businesses to choose. 

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