Be accountable for defining Electrical Safety competence training matrix, ensuring training of electrical engineers to reach the desired competence level and driving the growth of the Electrical Safety competence maturity.

More Uses of the Electrical Safety Toolkit:

  • Standardize: Electrical Safety analyzers.
  • Establish: Electrical Safety systems engineering.
  • Be accountable for mentoring subordinate Electrical Safety professionals and cross training with other safety professionals, and communicating multiple code/standards interpretation to field level personnel.
  • Establish: formal training in Electrical Safety.
  • Be accountable for creating, developing and implementing Electrical Safety training plans.
  • Perform preventive maintenance and Electrical Safety testing of clinical equipment, devices, and systems.
  • Supervise: Electrical Safety program management.
  • Develop switching orders, review one lines, Electrical Safety plans and oversee switching activities.
  • Be accountable for conducting Electrical Safety checks on computer equipment.
  • Be accountable for monitoring and measuring Electrical Safety management program elements.
  • Be accountable for checking computer equipment for Electrical Safety.
  • Be accountable for supporting project leaders of function clusters in need for Electrical Safety competence and help design teams to embed Electrical Safety in the designs.
  • Be accountable for remaining current with all regulatory, operational, and technical matters relative to Electrical Safety management.
  • Be accountable for being the knowledge owner of Electrical Safety competence and provide Electrical Safety suggestions to design team.


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