In close partnership and collaboration with the Legal Team, drive the design and implementation of new employee relations policies and procedures and solicit support for same from relevant stakeholders.

More Uses of the Electronic Discovery Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization participates as a member of a team with Legal Department, Compliance Department, and/or other corporate personnel to complete projects and accomplish department or corporate goals.
  • Systematize: review case emails and new filing emails and cull case status and dates to docket, circulate new filings to team.
  • Be certain that your organization facilitates and participates in meetings with external trade associations, business partners and outside counsel on behalf of attorneys and provides updates to attorneys.
  • Consult with case teams regarding best practices for document management, Electronic Discovery, and matter workflow.
  • Communicate monthly with partner and case teams on case management issues, as budget status and production planning.
  • Confirm your organization develops recommendations to change systems, policies, and procedures; ensures timely and accurate implementation.
  • Establish that your organization communicates and work with Legal Department attorneys and staff, internal business partners, outside counsel, and third parties to support litigation and investigations.
  • Head: secure for managing responsibility of providing testimony for current litigation involving Electronic Discovery and all it matters.
  • Control: monitor teams progress, provide client facing reporting, and ensure quality work product from start to finish.
  • Configure datacenter and corporate security solutions to integrate with security tools as identity management, multi factor authentication (MFA), and encryption.
  • Collaborate with compliance and legal teams to develop consistent approach and optimal practices around employee investigations.
  • Head: engineer for managing responsibility of providing testimony for current litigation involving Electronic Discovery and all it matters.
  • Establish that your organization technicians work with Consultants as a team by providing expertise, timely responses, and task completion with persistent quality and detail.
  • Organize and maintain investigations database and analyze related data to identify trends and ensure consistency in employee outcomes.
  • Be accountable for formulating and defining specifications for software applications or modifies and maintains existing applications using engineering releases and utilities from the manufacturer.
  • Provide rigorous data analysis and reporting solutions based on business needs, highlighting key trends in employee relations to actively drive proactive solutions to minimize reactive work.
  • Be accountable for directing and managing litigation projects to ensure implementation of deliverables and, executing tasks as per contract requirements and project specific directions.
  • Develop expertise in all Reveal and supporting technologies to provide consulting to Project Consultants and external clients.
  • Communicate effectively with consultants and clients regarding timelines and complications associated with task completion to properly set expectations.
  • Manage: Electronic Discovery data collection and extraction digital forensics data analysis, reporting and remediation.
  • Lead defining and maintaining the processes and tools that allow organizational leaders to effectively manage project life cycle and change management processes.
  • Confirm your organization ensures standard procedures for Electronic Discovery and litigation support projects are consistently applied across the life of the case.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact with key client representatives with full ownership and accountability for service delivery for assigned projects.


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