In organization, getting a right track of the documents and other media records that are stored in the system is vital. With the advent of Electronic Document Management System or EDMS, such endeavor can easily be done as long as functional components and proper execution of procedures and processes are executed.

Standardized system of document management is needed to make the system effective in terms of storing, organizing, retrieving, and processing of electronic documents. The conventional means of document management, which is still being utilized by some organizations, has great reliance on the paper-based document management systems; however, electronic document management system is still highly recommendable at this point of time.

What’s more interesting about EDM systems is that it can stand alone as a system which means all functions and operations on electronic documents are processed solely by EDMS. If anything has something to do with processes on storage, document tracking and retrieval, EDMS has more way to go.

EDMS is highly led by various organizations mainly the Association for Information and Image Management or AIIM and Association for Records Management and Administrators or ARMA.
The major features of EDMS are: data capture, document retrieval, document integration, workflow, and security. For data capture, document managing is done via scanning of images. In document retrieval, metadata are assigned for document tracking and acquisition of storage information is also part of the process. The workflow is mainly about the automatic routing of documents and maintaining the smooth flow of all the procedures involved. An finally for security, the process of providing access is the main concern so that the integrity of the data is maintained as well.

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