Storing electronic data and other records has long been a dream of companies who
have piles and piles of paper documents in their storage.  Unfortunately, without the
proper electronic project management, these can be a burden instead of a blessing. 
Training individuals on the proper storage of electronic data is an important task of
the manager and the trainer otherwise this project will crash even before it has taken

Documents are an essential part of any business.  Unfortunately, as the business
grows, so will the amount of data that will have to be stored.  Give it a few more years
and you’ll soon find out that a couple of filing cabinets will no longer be enough to
store the massive amounts of data accumulated throughout the years.  Add to that the
nightmare of retrieving, searching for, and comparing the paper documents inside a
dusty old storage room.  Electronic project management is the solution for the proper
recording, storage, retrieval, comparing, updating, and modifying of data.

However, initiating an electronic project management may not be as easy as it seems
for the project and training manager.  The training will include changing the roles of
the records keeper from manual to electronic, changing processes and procedures, and
knowing where, what and how to file a document.  The trainer will have to first
demonstrate comprehensively the basics of electronic data gathering, storing and

However, the benefits of a successful electronic data management will include the
elimination of duplicate, redundant and unreliable files, easier cross-referencing of
records, faster information gathering and many more.  Training manuals and video
tutorials and trainers may be set up by the manager for further reference.


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