For majority of web developers, one of the basic things that they put so much attention to is the creation of an effective and dynamic landing page.  A landing page that is dynamic results into various positive and embarking results. Further, although dynamic landing pages are relatively similar in the manner they were built as the ones that are not so dynamic; the good things that they are capable of doing for a website are just very overwhelming. So, how do we actually distinguish a dynamic landing page?  A dynamic landing page is being characterized by the following elements:

a. A dynamic landing page is able to attract and convert the click, intentional or the otherwise, into traffic or towards optimizing the rate of the site.  This is often one of the more difficult things to do, however, when achieved can result good things to your site.
b. A dynamic landing page is a page that is capable of bridging the needs of the potential clients and the objective of the online businessman. The gap that separates both the client and the businessman should be filled in effectively by the landing page.  This is when it becomes dynamic.
c. A dynamic page is a page that is capable of being metamorphosed into what the potential client demands.  It should be able to respond to the needs and wants of the potential clients in speed that is exceedingly impressive.  

These elements when manifested by a landing page shall surely create positive impact not only to the landing page itself but more importantly to the website where it is linked to.

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