Optimization of Conversion Rate is a continuous process towards making a website and the associated landing pages on it yield and produce good results (meaning good number of visit and click) from your potential site visitor.  It is every web owner’s desire to have a very well optimized conversion rate.  It is fundamentally the very essential component of a website–Optimizing your website’s conversion rate.

There are several factors that directly affect the optimization conversion rate.  Some of the more usual reasons and factors are listed below:

a. The Site’s Headline.  The headline is the initial page that potential visitors see and interact to.  When the headline spells “boring” on it, the tendency of having the site to be accessed is down to practically not happening.  It is therefore important that the headline of the landing page spells interest, mystery, and controversy.  
b. The Site’s Offer.  Make sure that you compensate your reason for bringing your potential clients to the landing page – your offer to sell and advertise.  Make sure that you have the best offering ever made.  
c. The Site’s Lead.  Lead is the part of the website which introduces the totality of the web content.  If the lead is equivalent to a “nonsense” lead then everything else shall follow.  You have to make sure that there is an interesting lead-in paragraph to attract potential clients.  
d. The Site’s Benefits.  Make sure that the landing page is boasting all the benefits that a potential visitor may have.  Normally, you can place these benefits on a listed item to make sure that visitors get to understand it clearly and appreciate them in the end.

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