Be accountable for installing, upgrading, maintaining and monitoring of corporate data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, Email Security solution, secure messaging solution, multi factor authentication solution and other information security related systems.

More Uses of the Email Security Toolkit:

  • Manage load balancers, anti spam and Email Security solutions, and other related appliances and systems.
  • Secure that your corporation complies; continuous monitoring, tuning, hardening and improvement of the existing Email Security policies.
  • Provide leadership and expertise to further develop Email Security policies.
  • Perform Email Security administration.
  • Configure and maintain Email Security settings.
  • Be accountable for maintaining Firewalls, virtual private networks, web protocols, and Email Security.
  • Ensure you conduct; and response, data loss prevention (DLP), web security gateways and Email Security.
  • Determine, develop, plan, test, and implement Email Security requirements for the enterprise.
  • Manage local Firewalls, anti spam and Email Security solutions, and other related appliances and/or systems that require updates or management.
  • Provide end user support around general Email Security.
  • Standardize: detection security engineering, Email Security.
  • Be accountable for generating and maintaining the virtual private network, Firewalls, web protocols and Email Security decorum.
  • Manage Email Security and filtering for clients.
  • Supervise: industry standard backup systems, virtual server management systems, network concepts, programming, and hardware, patch management, Email Security/filtering, proxy, and web security/filtering.
  • Lead: Cybersecurity systems as endpoint and Email Security.


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