Embedding a Video in WordPress

Embedding is a popular practice among bloggers. Some embed podcasts while some embed movies. In WordPress, the most popular embedding is with videos. Aside from embedding videos coming from the famous YouTube, bloggers are now also allowed to embed videos in WordPress coming from other video players like DailyMotion, LiveVideo, SplashCast, and PodTech. For new bloggers who are interested to embed video in WordPress, the common question could be how to do the video embedding.

The user-friendly interface of WordPress will make anyone say that embedding videos in here is just easy. The blogger can start through logging in to his WordPress account and create his new blog post there. Then, he will need a certain video to be embedded in the new content. This can be done through logging in to the Bits inside the Run account.

The video file should be selected from the mediafiles lists. After that, the blogger should choose the Show preview and the codes option, which can be found at the bottom right of the first page. The embed code in JavaScript should be displayed. This embed code is easily identified since it starts with <script type=”text/javascript”. That entire code line should be copied through pressing the control key and “C.”

Switching to HTML mode is needed after that. The blogger can simply click the HTML tab on the page to do that. When the page is already in the HTML mode, the blogger just needs to simply copy the JavaScript on the HTML page.

That simple and the blogger can already embed the video he wanted to add to his blog post.

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