Empowered Edge Computing is operated in a consumer friendly way, empowered Edge Computing is cost-effective and enables wireless data transfer and wireless charging, throughput is the amount of data which can be transferred over a given time period, additionally, on the mobile side, it will allow them to push workloads to the device, reducing the backend workload and potentially enhancing data privacy.

Moving Cloud

There is a measurable cost in moving all IoT data to a cloud versus processing it at the edge (edge processing), or extending cloud services downward into an edge router (fog computing).

Heterogeneous Ability

The ability to perform quantum computing is increasing, to increase the use of IIoT smart devices, researchers are focusing on fog or edge computing paradigms which results in industrial development. In summary, in cloud computing resources are limited, therefore it is challenging to deploy various applications with irregular capacities as well as functionalities in heterogeneous multi-cloud environment.

Strategic Technologies

Recent advances in wireless communication technologies have enabled the large-scale deployment of next-generation wireless networks, and many other wireless applications are emerging, edge computing is about decreasing latency between where a situation arises that has to be handled, and where the method of processing takes place, sometimes called altering the control loop. Coupled with, the edge computing opportunity has inspired a massive rush to market by a wide range of organizations and has generated an awful lot of hype. As well as some interesting trials, product announcements, investments and strategic moves.

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