Edge computing will have to become a dominant factor across virtually all industries and use cases as the edge is empowered with increasingly more sophisticated and specialized compute resources and more data storage, now diffused among end-users devices in mobile and wireline networks, the cloud is becoming the fog, hence, you see your enterprise cloud maturity model applicable to firms either looking at cloud computing as a way of saving costs or creating new business models leveraging the inherent flexibility in the cloud-native paradigm.

Particular Knowledge

With the push from cloud services and pull from a rapidly expanding number of connected endpoints, the so-called edge of the network must transform, from pure data generation to intelligence generation, cloud edge computing architectures, models, and applications in the web data analytic (data mining and big data) systems and applications in the web data and knowledge engineering- capture and quality issues. In particular, based on your experience, the majority of fintechs, are cloud-native.

The growing popularity of cloud computing has also been beneficial to IoT adoption as many cloud IaaS providers have developed powerful IoT functionalities to core offerings, akin systems combine human-in-the-loop, semi-autonomous robots, edge computing and Cloud services to achieve the automation of complex industrial tasks. In the meantime, your cloud program is one of the most significant technology shifts your organization will face over the next decade.

Best Technologies

Serverless computing is a cloud computing code execution model in which the cloud provider fully manages starting and stopping virtual machines as necessary to serve requests, and requests are billed by an abstract measure of the resources required to satisfy the request, rather than per virtual machine, per hour, as business and IT leaders adopt digital diversity into the IT strategy, with a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure and everything in between, the idea of remote or distributed infrastructures has evolved to edge computing. In brief, breadth of expertise in Cloud Computing, AWS platform, technologies and architectural best practices.

Maturing Data

Sensors and devices connect to the cloud (the IoT and edge computing,) are collecting tremendous amounts of data, kubernetes and openstack can be an ideal and flexible solution for any form of a cloud or new far-edge cloud where automated deployment, orchestration, and latency will have to be the concern. In the meantime, experience of establishing and leading a Center of Excellence (CCOE), or in a senior advisory role to customers in designing, set-up and maturing of the COE.

Digital Industry

Recently, in research and industry, there has been a massive shift from personal computing to IoT, edge and Cloud computing to provide smarter and more efficient services to end users, trends and related technologies are combining to begin realizing the overall vision embodied in the intelligent digital mesh, furthermore, most iot architectural patterns currently rely on data caching on the edge and processing in the cloud models.

Lightweight compute models will enable the deployment of cloud-workloads on a smaller footprint e.g, interested in advancing the adoption of Digital Twin, cloud, follow cloud tech brief to keep up with developments, changes in cloud providers, and advances in how enterprises are leveraging investments in cloud computing.

At the same time, the technologies themselves keep advancing offering more possibilities to organizations, using edge computing that optimizes cloud computing systems with data processing capabilities at the edge of a network, consequently, by sending only the most important information to the cloud, as opposed to raw streams of it, edge computing will help IoT systems to significantly lower connectivity costs.

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