If there is one common topic mentioned by every analyst, it is the growth of edge computing.

Complete Cloud

Edge computing, essentially manages the massive amounts of data generated by IoT devices by storing and processing data locally, it enables provisioning resources and services outside the cloud, at the edge of the network, closer to end devices or eventually, at locations stipulated by SLAs. As an example, during detection, it security teams gain complete visibility into data, and user behavior across all cloud services, users, and devices.

Complex Data

Connectivity, networking, big data, predictive analytics, cloud computing, fog computing, wireless communication, cyber physical systems and edge computing are gaining acceptance every day, and when taken together, offer unprecedented promise, while computing is provided by the cloud and services increasingly pervade your daily lives, dependability, adaptiveness and security become a cornerstone of the information society, furthermore, the multi-objective scheduling with cloud computing makes it difficult to resolve the problem in the case of complex tasks.

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