People who do not make a satisfying web analytics resume should not expect to get a web analytic job. This concept is true, especially nowadays wherein web analytics job is in great demand in the arena of interactive marketing. So, for those individuals who want to guarantee themselves the position they covet, they certainly need to exert extra effort to come up with a competitive web analytics resume, which will never be put into trash by the hiring manager.
The following are the list of the tips to make an outstanding web analytics resume:

•    Focusing on Proven Results: It has to be remembered that an excellent action always promise a good result. Therefore, it is necessary to bullet one’s major achievements in quantifiable and direct terms. Like for instance, “executed a cycle of multivariate tests on the website of my client, which results to a 20 percent increase in conversion within three weeks.” So apparently, this is also a form of providing small case studies to grab the attention of the employer.

•    Listing of Proficiency and Tools: Ideally, applicants must include a part in their resume where they can enumerate the tools they are familiar with including the level of their proficiency. This is important because some of the employers prefer the applicants with knowledge in particular web analytics tool.

•    Exhibiting of the Trainings: any specialized training and education can distinguish one individual from the rest of the candidates. This includes ceremonial certification programs such as the certificate from UBC, Web Analytics Association schooling, and vendor training programs such as those from Omniture.

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