Oversee and direct the participation of team members in complex hardware and software upgrades across all security platforms; provide security analysis for all hardware/software platforms and provide security resources for operating system and security software upgrades.

More Uses of the Endpoint Security Toolkit:

  • Develop auditing and reporting for primary security tools as authentication directories and distributed authentication systems.
  • Identify: work closely with managers of it infrastructure, enterprise applications and technology services units on the identification and implementation of appropriate security procedures, software, and hardware.
  • Come up with new and innovative ways of increasing security, manageability, and transparency while preserving privacy and ease of use.
  • Analyze and manage security technologies to provide detective and preventative capabilities (vulnerability scanning, Endpoint Security, intrusion detection, network forensics, network, and application security and security, and event/incident management).
  • Serve as an endpoint monitoring, threat hunting and security information event management analyst/engineer for client Endpoint Security monitoring engagements.
  • Coordinate: work closely with development staff to perform vulnerability scans on web applications, report results, and recommend solutions.
  • Secure that your organization designs, develop, engineers, and implements solutions that meet security requirements (relating to SIEM solutions and event collection).
  • Provide appropriate escalation of information which enables visibility and decision making process to various Tech departments along with Information Security and Risk leadership team.
  • Execute information security activities as vulnerability management, application development security, business continuity, networking and/or risk management.
  • Arrange that your organization recommends, administer, and monitors network security through operating system controls, routing, and filtering devices, and security software.
  • Formulate: review performance of anti malware technologies and reports on patterns in attacks to update signatures and install any additional security control needs.
  • Develop, improve, and execute on business plans which improve security posture and align to help meet the needs of business partners.
  • Drive: channel partners have many security vendors in portfolio and identifying the best security solutions for your mutual customers can be accomplished through consistent high quality enablement.
  • Manage knowledgeable of network and security architecture principles, firewall and IDS/IPS fundamentals, Endpoint Security systems and other security protective/detective systems.
  • Develop: be foundational to intermediate trouble shooting skills across complex enterprise applications, server and endpoint environments.
  • Ensure Endpoint Security solutions, policies and emerging technology are on track to meet and respond to threats to your data and endpoint infrastructure.
  • Detect, investigate, document and report actual or potential network security violations, intrusions or other inappropriate use.
  • Pilot: work to effectively deploy defined security architecture, provide solution support, and solution demos at large enterprise customers to enable adoption.
  • Warrant that your organization identifies, develop, and implements mechanisms to detect security incidents in order to enhance compliance with and in support of security standards and procedures.
  • Organize: research and recommend one security tool that could be used in your environment, account for the benefits, and conduct a proof of concept.
  • Manage configuration of your Endpoint Security software as endpoint detection and response, and host based intrusion detection software.
  • Identify: work hand in hand with the regulatory compliance team to implement solutions that meet the needs of the business and reduce risk to an acceptable level.
  • Perform research, analysis and design of network and Endpoint Security controls appropriate for the classification of data stored or processed in the enterprise.
  • Support change management tasking relative to the security policies associated with the Endpoint Security solutions that you support.
  • Initiate: work closely with the marketing and product teams to design and implement successful lead generation and go to market campaigns, and drive overall sales excellence in a competitive market.


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