Platform engineers collaborate with software Engineering teams and IT infrastructure, operations and security teams to support software products and continuously improve the reliability, performance, security and operational efficiency.

More Uses of the Engineering teams Toolkit:

  • Provide design support to internal Engineering teams for optimal usage of data stores, data growth planning, production workload optimization, messaging, caching and service platform.
  • Warrant that your organization oversees the design, implementation and support of technology stacks working with Engineering teams to deliver new products leveraging continuous delivery and integration.
  • Ensure you do understand and proactively communicate factors affecting business performance to stakeholders by partnering with business leaders, other analysts and data Engineering teams.
  • Collaborate with your customer, partners, and AWS Engineering teams to solve for enterprise problems like Database Migrations, Data warehousing, Real time analytics, Operational analytics, and Big data processing on the cloud.
  • Ensure you do build and maintain reliable automation that provisions infrastructure at scale to handle the Engineering teams needs as it relates to correctness and scalability of software.
  • Align internally with Tools and Platforms and Compliance Engineering teams to design procedures which are compliant and testable by design with a focus on complete automation.
  • Initiate: direct crisis and incident response, working with the customer success team, other support teams and Engineering teams to ensure timely resolution, while communicating effectively with customers.
  • Ensure you understand the difference between mercenary and missionary Engineering teams, and set the direction at the top to ensure the latter is happening throughout your organization.
  • Be the voice of the customer to service Engineering teams, providing product improvement feedback to AWS developers and accelerating the adoption of new features in customer deployments.
  • Establish that your organization interfaces with marketing, sales, production and Engineering teams to resolve (in case of design changes) labor and material shortages, backlogs and other potential schedule interruptions.
  • Be accountable for acting as technical liaison between startups and the service Engineering teams, providing product improvement feedback to AWS developers and accelerating the adoption of new features in customer deployments.
  • Be accountable for partnering with partner Engineering teams to enhance data infrastructure, data availability, and broad access to customer insights made available through BI tools across your organization.
  • Collaborate with customer success, technical support, marketing and Engineering teams to resolve technical issues and provide customer feedback as the voice of the customer.
  • Devise: partner with the analytics and data Engineering teams to understand problems to be solved with your current data platform, identify solutions, and deliver high quality data foundations to data stakeholders across the business.
  • Collaborate with field service management sales and solution Engineering teams, service cloud account executives, and product management to deliver the appropriate solution and establish credibility and trust with the customer.
  • Collaborate with legal, it and Engineering teams to develop new, and improve, existing compliance and security governance programs for smartsheet products, customers, and operations.
  • Provide critical and timely insight to Product and Engineering teams in order to inform, improve, and streamline analysis and pricing processes with scalability as the core focus.
  • Provide client interface and consulting support to delivery and Engineering teams on business analysis, technology approach, solutions, project management process and client engagement to drive delivery success.
  • Identify, analyze, and document product bugs and fixes relating to reporting, databases, application servers, and new technologies for product management and Engineering teams.
  • Drive requirements and solutions with all internal stakeholders as infrastructure, logistics, controls, software and manufacturing Engineering teams for the success of the project.
  • Be accountable for acting as technical liaison between customers and the service Engineering teams, providing product improvement feedback to AWS developers and accelerating the adoption of new features in customer deployments.
  • Collaborate with engineering management and Engineering teams to create innovative software solutions based on technical requirements, product roadmap and anticipated feature releases.
  • Interact with production personnel, multidisciplinary Engineering teams, and executive management to develop the production facility which meets organization rate targets and quality.
  • Be accountable for partnering with development Engineering teams to evaluate various process technologies, equipment designs, and suppliers, and identify/select the best method for mass production.
  • Be accountable for collaborating with product management and acting as the bridge between product management, Engineering teams, and customers to understand requirements and technical solutions.


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