Google offers enterprise class web security services which are being powered by Postini security solutions.  Google acquired Postini in 2007 so it can get a share of the enterprise web security market.  The Google Postini service can be deployed on company sites, communications and data servers.

The Google Postini services include web security, email security and encryption, anti spam and filtering technologies, and enterprise email archiving.  These services can bulletproof your web and communication servers from malicious Internet attacks.  The email archiving functions will also enable your company to follow official regulations.  

Getting Google’s security services is affordable.  You can get complete email and web security for $45 for every single user per year.  All you have to do is sign up for the service and the security features will be implemented.  Google also provides ready support for the security products.

The Google Postini security services also support content filtering for incoming mail messages.  The service will be able to stop spam and virus messages.  It can also provide content security for all your outgoing communications by encrypting the messages.  Hijacking your messages therefore would be impossible so you can confidently transfer data over the Internet.

Google can also host archived messages on their data centers for 10 years.  You can easily retrieve archived communications whenever you want.  This service is important so your company can comply with regulations about electronic data archiving and retrieval.

Getting the Google Postini services will enhance the security features of your web and mail servers.  These services could protect your company from numerous web security risks.

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