Enhancing Productivity by Change Management – Keeping Motivation Alive in the Workplace

What is your motivation in this complicated game called LIFE? Some may say family and loved ones because they are their sources of inspiration in carrying out day to day activities. There may be challenges and hardships at times, but then again, having a proper mindset will help a lot in facing stress and other work related loads. Others may say money and high compensation. Setting quality standards to your own imperfections will truly make a mark in your organization.

However, there are times that change in the way we do work is presented at hand. This could be change in leadership, change in company policies or change in processes to meet the demands of the business. What will you do? This is where constant motivation comes in and remembering your true drive and purpose will lead you to the right direction.

Changes in the organization are carefully planned by the upper management. Each pros and cons are evaluated, not only for the business to move forward, but also they take into account people’s work behaviors. It is always a matter of having the right perspective. The way we see things will dictate how we adapt on certain changes happening in our environment. Though changes are inevitable, we have to develop a keen vision on what we can contribute, thus enhancing productivity. We have to take things positively to find our inner motivation in doing our day to day work loads. It is truly amazing how a single step could lead to a big leap in the organization. Having this in mind, everything will definitely fall into place.

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