A critical point in ensuring the success of a saas service company is its capability to comply with the high expectation demanded by consumers.  End users will naturally expect and demand that the software provided by application service providers will be readily available whenever and wherever they want to use it.

This means that saas companies must ensure that uptimes should always be in top running condition at all times. To achieve this, a saas company that wants to be known as a top caliber service provider must utilize every advance technology infrastructures at their disposal.  Redundant power supplies and powerful data servers must always be live 24 hours a day on a 7 day work week. 

They must also recruit diligent and competent IT professionals and technicians that can monitor the activities of the software and the infrastructures that run it.  Trouble shooting should be as prompt as possible and upgrades should be delivered by software developers in order to effectively fix different bugs in the software.

It is also a known market fact that customers demand efficient, competent, and ready support for the software that they use.  Failure in this area can result to unfavorable customer relationships and could lead to customer migration to other saas companies. In order to avoid these dark scenarios, a saas company must ensure a working customer relationship management program.

The saas industry today thrives in a very competitive environment.  Software giants and institutional IT companies have started to implement saas services to get a piece of this lucrative market.  It would be beneficial for saas start up companies to ensure quality in every level of the service to ensure success.

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