To be able to understand Enterprise Architect 6.5, one has to be knowledgeable of what enterprise architecture is all about. Enterprise architecture is a process where business strategy is combined with information technology investments. It is a key component of the so-called information technology governance. Nowadays, more and more companies are implementing this by going through the different components that affect their business such as information, technology, business and application.

Description of Enterprise Architect 6.5
Enterprise architecture is gaining popularity among businesses, may it be big or small. To be able to capture the complicated knowledge about organizations and technology, enterprise architectural approaches uses some modelling tools. This is what Enterprise Architect 6.5 is all about.
Enterprise Architect 6.5 is said to be a powerful and useful program. It is a powerful in a sense that it can generate document and reporting tools with a full WYSIWYG template editor. It can also generate reports according to what your company or client needs. It is also a useful program because it helps a business manage complexity. This is by using tools that track dependencies, giving support for very large models, comparing track changes in the model and others. Moreover, it also generates and makes reverse engineering of source code for many languages such as Java, Delphi, Visual Net and others.

If a business is interested to try Enterprise Architect 6.5, it is available online for download for 30 trials days. This tool could prove to be interesting for those businesses, which are just discovering the wonders of enterprise architecture.

A businessman would always be interested to learn about new processes that can make his organization work better and enterprise architecture is gaining popularity nowadays.

What is enterprise architecture?

The idea behind enterprise architecture is to provide harmony between business strategy and information technology investments. The practitioner of this is called an enterprise architect because he must be able to understand all the technological components of the business and build something better. The role therefore of an enterprise architect is to be actively working on the architectural process which involves structural components within the categories of business, applications, information and technology. Basically, those who are interested to become the enterprise architect of a business are the managers themselves.

About Enterprise Architect Book

To be able to understand the basic concepts and ideas behind this, a practitioner must learn the trade. This is possible by learning and reading about it. There are many available books online that offer many details about various methods and techniques that real practitioners have used and implemented in real life.

A person must look carefully on the books online and try to see if these are written clearly, has lots of information and explanation. It must also provide some insights on what is happening in the real business world and provide some frameworks, which can be used in large or small organizations.
An enterprise architect book is the right step towards understanding your business. This shall be able to help a manager analyze the current situation in his business and then he can make suitable enterprise architecture using the right framework.


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