Actively research, evaluate and drive next generation collaboration technologies and solutions to solve customer needs.

More Uses of the Enterprise architecture Planning Toolkit:

  • Orchestrate: track your opportunities.
  • Devise: people matter, results count.
  • Lead: customer automation knowledge.
  • Ensure you overhaul; certified business architecture.
  • Ensure you lead the integration of project solutions and technical governance.
  • Facilitate the establishment and implementation of standards/guidelines that direct integration of multiple platforms.
  • Be accountable for providing pre and post sales lead architecture support for all collaboration related engagements.
  • Be accountable for building and developing relationships with strategic partner community.
  • Determine architecture solutions that meet performance, scalability, reliability and security needs.
  • Ensure you realize; lead project initiatives from small to large complex collaboration solutions.
  • Establish that your design complies; communications leader talent, diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide technical guidance to project team.
  • Have progressing knowledge in Business Analysis and Software Engineering.


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