The enterprise content management market is growing amidst the gloom being experienced by other technology sectors.  That’s because more and more companies realize the importance of consolidating their information stream to improve efficiency and productivity.  

This increased awareness and exposure to ECM technologies also fueled the activity in the market.  This is evident in the growing interest being given by big technology developers on ECM applications.  This is generally beneficial for companies that have current deployments of ECM technologies.  They will be able to upgrade to a better solution at a much cheaper price.  That’s because the competition in the ECM market is getting stiffer everyday that prices of solutions tend to drop.

To get ahead in the market, big software companies are rolling out new technologies with enhanced functionalities for the ECM software.  The stakes are getting bigger so the technologies are also getting better.  

On the other hand, middle range companies are struggling to face the entry of big players in the ECM market.  Their solution is to consolidate.  That means they are merging with other middle vendors and developers to pool resources, technologies, and expertise to counter the new roll outs traditional software makers.  

The years ahead will be very exciting for the enterprise content management market.  The market will see new mergers and new technologies.  This could greatly benefit consumers of ECM.  They will not only get better technologies from developers, they also stand to benefit from the falling prices of enterprise content management solutions and applications.

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