??????????Enterprise Single Sign-on
Single sign-on made simple
A consequence of today’s increasingly decentralized IT environments is
the proliferation of passwords and
the burden they present to users. Organizations want to reduce this complexity while improving security and operational efficiency.
Single sign-on (SSO) can be the answer to these tough challenges. Unfortunately, most single sign-on solutions are limited in scope, require costly and hard-to- manage additional infrastructure, or demand ongoing maintenance. In
many cases, these solutions actually increase the complexity they are supposed to simplify.
Enterprise Single Sign-on, a part of the Dell One Identity products from Dell Software, addresses these challenges. As the industry’s leading enterprise SSO solution, it makes single sign-on simple and secure. Enterprise Single Sign-on requires no hard-to-manage infrastructure, and streamlines both user management and enterprise-wide administration of single sign-on.
“Configuring SSO for our applications was very simple—a prototype was set up in just a
few days. The actual implementation was done over the space of a few months, providing extremely rapid ROI.”
IT security manager for a major telecommunications organization
• Bases single sign-on on Active
Directory or any other LDAP identity
• Enforces security and access policy
• Implements a single point of strong
authentication for all resources
• Enhances IT and user efficiency
• Helps you achieve regulatory
??????????1. Authentication in the domain
2. Enterprise Single Sign-on retrieves application data
Enterprise Single Sign-on fills in the login dialog
???????????????Windows Server Active Directory
Enterprise Single Sign-on
3. 4.
An application is launched by a user – Enterprise Single Sign-on detects the login dialog
Enterprise Single Sign-on retrieves the secondary ID/password from its encrypted memory
???Enterprise Single Sign-on extends the Windows logon to all password-protected applications.
Active Directory-based single sign- on—Base single sign-on and access control for the entire enterprise on
the existing identities, groups and policies built into your existing Active Directory deployment, without requiring additional authentication methods or a metadirectory.
Security & access policy enforcement—
Use established access policies and Active Directory rules to apply similar controls to client-based SSO for
the entire enterprise-wide range of applications and systems to which a user may need access.
A single point of strong authentication—
Provide a single point of user authentication to any system and application. This includes standard username/password logins as
well as the entire range of strong authentication options, such as smart cards, biometrics and token-based two- factor authentication.
Improved IT & user efficiency—Relieve IT staff of the burden of managing user access and resetting passwords across a wide range of applications. Enhance user productivity by freeing users from having to remember passwords for multiple systems and applications.
Compliance support—Achieve compliance with common requirements for access control, strong authentication and secure delegation of access rights by implementing a consistent, strong, Active Directory-based infrastructure for access policy enforcement.
Auditing and reporting—Generate audit reports from sign-on or LDAP data, including statistics if desired, from an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
Drag-and-drop configuration—Adapt applications to your unique environment with ease, without modification or custom connectors.
Optional fast user switching—Enable users to share a physical workstation using individual authentication and real- time context switching.
Optional password reset—Enable users to manage their own network password resets by answering secret questions from a web interface or a Windows login interface.
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