The Web 2.0 version has created massive impact in the Internet industry.  In fact, the massive effects that it has brought in the Internet community has spanned to a greater heights that it influenced even the giants and leaders of the Internet world such as Yahoo and Google.  During the initial stage when it was being released, not a lot of people took their time to try and test the utilities that it possesses.  As time goes by, Web 2.0 has gradually made a name for itself and was able to establish good name reputation in the Industry.

The success of the Web 2.0 is seemingly incomparable and is considered a milestone by a lot of experts.  Because of this, the Web 2.0 version came into sunset however, a newer and a lot powerful version came into the scene.  This newer version is the Enterprise Web 2.0.  The Enterprise Web 2.0 is being regarded as the new face but with a lot more features of the Web 2.0 version.  True to this claim, the Enterprise Web 2.0 has been considerably more stable and its features to edit and modify are just very perfect for the users of today because of the easy to navigate tools that it has, the friendly environment that it possesses, and lastly the help tool that is integrated on it that basically made the whole process of using very simple and easy.

The Enterprise Web 2.0 has set foot on the market with a big bang.  It created more impact because of the growing needs of people that concerns web development and design.

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