Founded by two Standford computer scientists, Cisco systems, Inc. is a well-known international corporation that creates and sells different networking and communications technology products and services. Cisco system, Inc. is established in San Jose, California.

Since its founding in 1984, Cisco became progressively stable and successful as a manufacturing corporation, events that led to the companys enormous growth. Just like any other large and growing corporations, Cisco had used specialized software package systems to support its manufacturing, financial, and order-entry functions separately. Despite Ciscos efforts in adopting its current system to meet with its growing requirements, the system unfortunately failed to cope with the rapid changes. The system failure had nearly stopped the companys entire business for two days. Such an adverse made the company to seriously decide taking on an ERP system to replace the failed one.

ERP or enterprise resource planning is the method of integrating the different functional activities of an organization into a unified structure or system by using software and hardware applications. This system creates and uses a centralized database that stores all essential data and different system modules of the organization. ERP basically improves competencies across the organization resulting to an improved core business functions and eventually an increase in revenue in a shorter period.

Adopting a single ERP system to cover Ciscos entire business process was a difficult decision and a very challenging commitment. Countless research and painstaking configuration were conducted to align ERP with their organizational management and structure. However, it didnt take long for Cisco to see visible results of its ERP implementation. Each positive result confirms and strengthens more the companys trust to its new ERP system. In the end, Ciscos ERP project has truly been a momentous success and an encouraging testimony to everyone.


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