Most of the large companies have now adapted ERP systems for their businesses that the market for them has been almost saturated. ERP vendors are now targeting mid-ranged companies which are now slowly adapting ERP systems as well. There is definitely a big boom for ERP market in all business areas.

When ERP was initially introduced, there were very few vendors and acquiring a customized ERP was not only expensive. It was also time consuming and required a long waiting period. Today, there are many ERP vendors in addition to the large ones that are already operating. Many smaller ERP vendors are trying to share a portion of the ERP market and this is a good business.

It is predicted that mid-range business will provide good business. For ERP vendors, in the next years to come, they need to prove that ERP is not yet dead but a very much alive business. A mid-range company can now source for an ERP vendor that can customize a system suitable for his company’s budget and needs. It was very much unlike the old days when softwares were too expensive. Of course well known software giants offer a higher price, which is the reason why some smaller companies have been looking at equally good but not so expensive alternatives.

In the future, we don’t know if such trend will exist for a long time. But for these few years, ERP Systems have definitely provided many changes in the business world and will continue to change the way businesses are done.

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