Companies live on income, and income comes from customers and patrons. Customers spend their money on products and services provided by such companies. Companies like customers because they bring in revenue, but more so, companies need customers since they keep businesses open. To keep customers coming back for the purchase of products or services, companies need to gain the trust and loyalty of their patrons.

One effective way of gaining and maintaining this trust between the two parties is for companies to satisfy a standard with regards to running their business or businesses. Something that blows away hints of hesitation on the part of the customer. Something makes the customer never to think twice about buying that product or availing of that service.

A standard is what is needed. A standard is a published document designed to make sure that products, materials, methods, and services are consistent with their performance, and that they are fit to fulfill their purpose. Standards establish a common form of language that defines quality, and as well as establishes a safety criteria. This is what ensures quality and consistency of operations in the business. One set of standards is that of ISO.

ISO 9001 standards are legitimate, official, and recognized. Satisfying such a standard enables companies to have a good reputation. It signifies that the business follows processes that are prescribed by the standard, and are on paper. It also implies that outputs such as products and services are of the same quality every time.

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