A Prince2 certification can significantly enhance the career of a project manager.  It will be an advantage in terms of getting juicy positions within a company or clinching a lucrative consultancy job.  The accreditation and certification process is not mandatory but it is highly recommended for every project managers who wish to advance their career in project management.  In order to get a Prince2 certification, one must undergo a comprehensive training and take the accreditation exams.

Prince2 examinations are highly competitive.  It can last for hours and the examinee must answer hundreds of questions for a very limited time.  Not preparing well could mean failure and subsequent retake which is very cost prohibitive.  To avoid unfavorable results of examinations, practitioners could take advantage of online simulated tests.  Some training organizations provide this service to their trainees.  These simulated exams can help condition the examinees which is a good preparation for the rigorous actual test.

There are also Prince2 exam questionnaires or sample test papers available on the Internet.  Aspiring examinees should take advantage of these by making hard copies of the questionnaires.  They could start practicing for the exams by answering the downloaded test papers.  This is a good way of familiarization and getting initial grip on the details of actual examinations. 

There are many ways to prepare for Prince2 exam.  Those who wish to get the valued Prince2 certification should practice diligence and creativity in preparing for the actual tests.  Prince2 examinations would be easier to handle if examinees have prepared excellently for it.


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