Many businesses succeed because of the value they put in their work.  But as businesses
grow, the struggle to achieve maximum profit and earn more income has made many
organizations lose focus on good judgment, morality and ethics.  And with IT being
continually updated, upgraded and modified both in its software, hardware as well as the
ways of managing it, a value-driven IT management is needed so that deliverables are not
only within specified limits but also within customer quality satisfaction.

The problem with most IT management is that if they have a lot of cost-efficient
methods, they are already set.  But when it comes to a value-driven IT management,
having a clear formula for cost-efficiency simply is not enough in delivering value to the
customer or the business it serves.  The IT management should be methodical, generally
applicable, realistic in its research, and should be better than the previous result.  This
basically describes the best practice of IT management.

But more than that, what is also need is the best value in terms of price, performance, and
making the most of the IT investment.  In IT, when organizations invest in hardware, they
especially want something that is not expensive but has the fullest potential for upgrades
and performance–and they will use it as often as possible.  And the same is also true for
our customers and clients.

Delivering value-driven IT management is difficult because for so long, most
organizations have been focusing only on three things:  produce a software or hardware,
sell it to the market, and then provide sales support.  But there should be many other
factors to be considered.  And a value-driven IT management is the key to finding out
where organizations still need to improve.

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