Throughout the ITIL classes that I teach many students have asked about other frame works and how they differ from and work in conjunction with the ITIL framework.

…The Enhanced Telecom Operations Map is a business process model framework intended to define a common language and a complete activity mapping and classification for use by service providers within the telecommunications industry. eTOM provides the enterprise processes required to properly run the business of a telecom service provider and break them down to different levels of detail. eTOM is intended to be more formal when compared to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) since it specifies a process framework composed by processes typically necessary for service providers to plan, deploy and operate their services. The eTOM Business Process Framework has been widely accepted by the telecommunication industry as a standard and it also has been adopted by International Telecommunications Union.

For more detailed comparison of ITIL and eTom, follow this link to an interesting article about how AT&T is applying both:

…I am thrilled to announce that ITSM Academy has been selected to deliver multiple educational sessions at the itSMF Fusion 2010 conference.

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