Event Definition ITIL®

Event or Incident management is one of the elements of ITIL®. The event definition ITIL® says that an occurrence that is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes or may cause an interruption or reduction in normal functioning and quality of service is called an event.

The SLA or service level agreement signed between The Art of Service and our clients carried a clear event definition ITIL® besides definition of other parameters of our ITIL® service management.

As per the standard event definition ITIL®, incidents can occur as existing known problems without any root cause, known error with a root cause or as isolated or individual occurrences.

Our event definition ITIL® solution includes processes such as:

    Incident detection
    Incident Classification
    Initial support
    Investigation and diagnosis
    Resolution and recovery
    Incident Closure
    Incident Ownership, monitoring, tracking

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