Cost effectiveness and convenient distribution of media are the most important benefits of podcasting.  With little investments on equipment and software, anyone can start to podcast and become an active podcaster.  And through the help of syndication tools and faster Internet connection, populating the web with podcasts and distributing it to subscribers would be very convenient.  

Online entrepreneurs, educators and hobbyists can surely benefit from podcasting.  For entrepreneurs, podcasting opens new and wider opportunities for them.  Through podcasts, they will be able to reach a wider audience on a global scale.  They can also effectively advertise and promote their products because podcasts are considered important materials.  Those who opt to download a podcast will surely listen to its content and capturing an audience would be easier.

Educators can also get a lot of benefits from podcasting.  A podcast is a very effective instructional material which can deepen the knowledge of students.  Podcasts can also be played and listened to repeatedly so the study material will surely help students grasp their lessons.  

Podcasting will also unburden educators especially in creating longer lessons plans.  They can simply record their lessons and let their students download the material for their home study.  In fact, many distance education institutions are already using podcasts as one of their primary methods of instruction.  

To those who just want to be heard and want to share their ideas to other people, podcasting provides a channel for them.  Podcasting serves as a personalized radio station where the anchors pre-record the content of the show.  They can release episodes of their podcasts and enjoy the publicity that could be created by their podcasting channel.  

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