There has been a lot going in the world of enterprise architecture development. To start off, it is simply a description of what is and what shall be the structure as well as the behavior of any organization s processes   and this includes the information systems, organizational sub-units, personnel sub-units   that are all aligned with the said organization s core goals and direction it wants to take. In shorter terms, enterprise architecture has been consistently developing in such a way that is has not only taken the reins of the present but can now also command the direction any company will take in the future. While enterprise architecture has always been primarily associated with information technology, it also possesses a broader range of qualities that are applicable in many business optimizations because it can also address business architecture as well.

Moreover, it has the capacity to tackle such subjects as performance management, process architecture and organizational structure as the most recent forms of development in its applicability in many different types of industries all over the world. And there has been a lot of proof of the positive developments that have been going on in the world of enterprise architecture. Many companies   giant, powerful industry leaders, at that   have applied the system of enterprise architecture to all of their business architectures, seeing as to how it has been able to improve their performance and productivity drastically. Companies such as BP, Volkswagen AG and information technology giant Intel has nothing but good things to say about enterprise architecture.


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