To take the Sun Certified Java Programming examination, is to be totally  prepared.  Books considered as reviewer and guides are available to prepare individuals for the exam. The books available for SCJP exam syllabus are organized in terms of objectives.  It is organized in a manner that objective tests will enable the  test of  skills in the area of Java programming.  The following are the significant changes of the SCJP 1.4 exams:

1.  The SCJP 1.4 does not have questions on GUI programming. 
     The AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) objective has been
     removed. The I/O objective has been removed. 2.  Added to the exam is the objective test on assertions API 3.  Objectives are strengthened and have in depth questions on
     wrapper classes, collections, hash code and equals

It is advisable that SCJP 1.4 version is a step ahead of the SCJP 1.2 certification.    There is a minimal difference between the two. The objective of  IT certification is to update one’s competency on the new version.  Some acquire certification for professional advantage and some for personal challenge.  Whatever your reasons for getting an It certification, you need to remember that to achieve your objective is to use the appropriate approach to achieve success.  Good preparation, your focus on detail, and positive attitude are factors essentials if you want to pass the SCJP exams.

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