Examining Amazon’s new Cloudsearch Service


Well, it looks like cloud computing just got upgraded (yet again); thanks to Amazon’s new Cloudsearch service, searching and scanning is quicker and more efficient.  Before the emergence of this new service, queries and searches across extensive clouds (which comprise even more widespread resources) required setting up, maintaining, scaling and operating a search platform. Managing a search platform which services a large cloud computing infrastructure isn’t necessarily an easy task to accomplish due to such concerns as data provisioning, hardware allotments, and continuous software-based upgrades.  Now that Amazon has created Cloudsearch, all of the concerns associated with the pains of initiating and overseeing a search platform are a thing of the past.

Upload, then sit back and relax..
To say that Cloudsearch is a full-service program is a bit of an understatement. Amazon’s Cloudsearch basically allows customers to simply upload their bulk data / content (which they want to make “searchable”) and then the rest is taken care of.  Amazon takes care of the search indexing and provisioning of required technology and hardware; all the customer has to do is sit back and relax.  Once the service is (quickly) up-and-running, the customer has the option to make adjustments or modify their data and search capabilities as necessary. The best part is, all modifications can be made without having to perform any addition uploading(s).

The true beauty of this service can be found in how it allows organizations to provide automatically scalable searches.  In other words, as the density and volume of data changes, Cloudsearch automatically requisitions the right resources to ensure proper functionality; the beautiful part about this is, of course, the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger.  Likewise, the same thing can be said for query rates; as they increase, so does the power which drives them.

Cost-effective, uninterrupted service
Amazon’s Cloudsearch is a type of service which only charges customers for what they actually used.  This means that the monthly charges which are received reflect the actual volume of searching that was actually carried out that month.  Cloudsearch does not require up-front or contracts, it truly is a “plug and play” –type service.  Not only does this model make it extremely easy for IT to justify its cost to accounting, but it also allows IT personnel to focus on other perhaps more important tasks as well.  What more could you ask for? Cloudsearch is basically a service which is affordable, effective and takes care of itself.

Just how important are search capabilities to your employees and/or customers?
In truth, your search engines are your best friends.  For example, they bring you eager customers, allow your workers to find crucial information / data quickly, and increase everyone’s enjoyment of cloud computing technology in general.  Having a large database of useful, pertinent and highly sought-after information / content is virtually useless unless you have the search capabilities to quickly and accurately trawl that data. Formalized studies involving the use of sophisticated software to track customer’s responses and eye movements have proven that both the relevance and speed of delivered search results greatly impact the likelihood that a sale is going to take place, for instance.Simply put, “if people are waiting, they’re not buying”; and if they can’t even find what they’re looking for, all hope is lost.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…
The real question is; do you already have a cloud infrastructure set up and running? Or, are you even utilizing cloud computing technology to benefit or improve / reinforce your organization’s capabilities?  Jumping into cloud computing isn’t really the easiest thing to do, but it is getting easier every single day. Thanks to the emergence of services like Cloudsearch, companies are soon going to be able to simply pay for metered cloud computing services which will cover all their needs (and then some).  This doesn’t mean that you will no longer need an IT department, only that you need to find individuals with experience in cloud computing and/or get your current IT team certified.  A top-notch cloud computing certification course will provide your IT workers with everything they need to know in order to assure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of your critical cloud-based services (and component operation).

Cloudsearch is opening the door for automated cloud services
Cloudsearch gives businesses and organizations exactly what they need at an affordable price, and very quickly.  These types of automated cloud services are becoming increasingly prevalent, and that’s a good thing. Metered cloud services allow companies to not only determine exactly what their proposed budgetary expenditures are going to be, but also to make plans accordingly. This, along with the fact that labor-intensive-related costs are virtually absent, makes automated services like Cloudsearch ideal for any size business.

Get your entire IT department “cloud certified” through e-learning (group rate discounts are applicable).

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