Business: A fashion store.
What are some of your organization’s objectives or strategic goals?
We want to make a lot of money $$$!
We want to have a good image and reputation.
What Business Processes aide in achieving those objectives?
Retail, marketing, buying, procurement, HR etc.
What IT Services are these business processes dependent on?
Web site, email, automatic procurement system for buying products, Point of Sale Services
We have ITSM in order to make sure the IT Services are:
* What we need (Service Level Management, Capacity Management etc)
* Available when we need it (Availability Mgt, Incident Mgt etc.)
* Provisioned cost-effectively (Financial Mgt, Service Level Mgt)
If we don’t manage the IT Services appropriately we cannot rely on these services to be available when we need. If this occurs we cannot adequately support our business processes effectively and efficiently. And therefore we cannot meet or support our overall organization’s objectives!!!

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